Update: Orlando International Airport Project

(Letter from Paul Dubois)

Hello All,

Well, we officially finished up at the Orlando International Airport (OIA) on Saturday morning (3/12/2011) with rubber removal on all 4 runways. The total amount of removal was just over 900,000 sq. ft. and that was achieved in just 6 nights.  By my calculations, you are talking about, on average, removing 150,000 sq. ft. of rubber per night.At this removal rate, we worked on average 5-6 pump hours per night.  This calculates to removing, on average, 15,000 sq. ft. per hour, per truck.  Now I would love to say it was all because of my experience and the fact that I was operating the SH8000R, but I would be stretching it.  Having truck # 22 and having the ability to recirculate my water and remain on the runway for long periods of time was a huge factor, but I had another huge advantage.  I had Michael Jordan in truck #20. All 6 nights Michael proved he was a big part in the success of this job by never skipping a beat and constantly being on his game. Even though he had to leave the runway to decant water and take on clean water, he still removed his fair share of rubber.

Yesterday, I talked with Tony from Airport Maintenance at OIA.  Tony oversees the whole Airport Maintenance Department and he is the person Michael and I reported to. Tony told me that in all of the years he has been in his job, no company except for Waterblasting.com has removed rubber from all 4 runways in 6 nights and no company except for Waterblasting.com has accomplished it without any mechanical breakdowns. As a matter of fact, I know some of you love stats so here is one – of the other 3 companies who have been at OIA to remove rubber, the best time accomplishing rubber removal from all 4 runways was 10-12 days, and a couple of companies took as long as 2-4 weeks to accomplish what Waterblasting.Com did in 6 nights!

This is just another feather in the cap of all of the Waterblasting family members because no one man can be this successful without the dedicated team members I have the pleasure of working with. After having a great weekend with my daughter and my new grandson from NH I am off to Georgia to do some curing compound work in Savannah. I will, as usual, try to keep all of you updated as the week goes on. Have a great day.

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