Territories Served:
Arrow_new2 Global  

Services Provided:

Arrow_new2 Marking removal Arrow_new2 Airfield rubber removal
Arrow_new2 Asphalt marking removal Arrow_new2 Runway cleaning
Arrow_new2 Concrete marking removal Arrow_new2 Runway rubber removal
Arrow_new2 Cure compound removal Arrow_new2 Rubber removal
Arrow_new2 Line paint removal  
Arrow_new2 Tape removal
Arrow_new2 Epoxy removal
Arrow_new2 Thermoplastic material removal

Methods Utilized:

Arrow_new2 Water blasting  
Arrow_new2 Hydro blasting


Waterblasting.com Runway Rubber Removal

Waterblasting.com Runway Rubber Removal

Waterblasting.com’s experienced technicians have removed millions of square feet of rubber and paint at airports around the world. 

Stripe Hog SH8000 Runway rtubber Removal HT2500 Mobile Blasting Unit HT2500 Ground Hog 36" Heads
Stripe Hog SH8000  HT2500 – Hog Rider  HT1000 – Ground Hog

Our Runway Rubber Removal equipment includes truck-mounted, self-propelled, walk-behind and hand-held water blasting systems. This versatility allows us to have the perfect water blasting equipment for any job requirement.

Waterblasting Equipment Inventory

Typically, the aggressive dissolving action of chemicals and detergents used in conventional cleaning leads to runway structural breakdown. Since there are no chemicals used in water blasting, the integrity of the surface stays intact. In addition, our systems d0 not use rotating brushes so the surface of the runway is not damaged by any abrasive steel bristles.

The final recovered waste-water product is filtered down to as much as 100 microns. When finalized and ready for disposal, the solids (recovered rubber deposits or paint particles) are disposed of at an appropriate container or at a designated dump site.