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Everything you need to know about runway rubber removal.

Rubber Removal Methods – Why You Should Be Concerned About Using Chemicals!

The rubber removal process used by the Stripe Hog Waterblasting System is the most efficient application in the industry using one machine and one operator.  The water blasting method is also environmentally friendly and safe for runway surfaces. Read more

How Frequently Should Runway Rubber Removal Be Performed?

If you have ever walked on ice, you know that it is easy to slip and fall. This is because ice has little friction, a resistive force. The higher the friction levels, the better the grip. The same goes for rubber and contaminate accumulation on pavement and runway surfaces. The greater the accumulation of materials...
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Top 10 Reasons Why Airports Choose Stripe Hog

1. More Production – The Stripe Hog is on the scene quickly, works fast, cleans up after itself, and gets off the site. Airport operators will open windows of access to work tasks that can be performed with little to no impact. 2. No Chemicals - No harsh chemicals for operators, machinery or environment. Uses only...
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